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Trust by over 2,000 satisfied clients, HunterPromotions is the #1 Company to take you to the next level.


We service the entire music industry with your artwork, mp3, video links and contact info

Street Team Promotion

Get your product and music out to the people. We provide street teams and product distribution

Artist Promo Runs

We travel from city to city with artist and introduce them to KEY Program Directors and DJ’s.

Urban Radio Promotion

We secure mainstream airplay for independent artist nationally. We also specialize in Mixshow

Digital Marketing

We get your music on urban hip hop blogs that matter that help you connect with you fans

DJ Meet & Greets

We set up meet and greets so artist can meet the DJ’s and get their music in front of them

"DJ Rocksteddy and Hunter Promotions were the first guys to fk with me off Twitter before meeting me in person, and got me on the radio."

2 Chainz Def Jam Recording Artist

The Hunters


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